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Bros Alonso de Cordova

A bookstore where you can let yourself go.

Alonso de Córdova 3788, Local 14b. Vitacura, Santiago, Chile.

Sobre el lugar

Open since 2017
If you follow Alonso de Córdova, before reaching the Church, you will come across the Alonso Building, winner of multiple architecture awards. There, offices, restaurants and culture are perfectly combined, having premises on different levels, giving day and night life to the area. But let's talk about books, that's what we came for...
La Bros is located at the beginning of the building and a clock marks the door to the small bookstore that connects to Starbucks. The place is really small, but don't be fooled. The three-walled bookshelves and the central counter contain all the different sections that a reader would want to walk through. It's not much, but in each space the experienced will find something to surprise them. Every week the showcase changes with daring combinations: art books with poetry, political news with children's literature... couples that talk to us about life itself where themes as dissimilar as the characters in a family coexist.
Thus, Bros becomes a space for the family. For mothers who want to delight their children with reading; for grandparents who want to have a shared hobby with their grandchildren; for politicians who are passing through and want to find solutions to complex problems in a good novel...

Sobre el catálogo

At Bros you can find a little bit of everything, but what is its strength is undoubtedly the field of politics, essays, journalism and contemporary women's narrative. Clemente makes a fine selection to which his most loyal customers are accustomed but which, equally, surprises the unsuspecting ones to whom the watch appears in their path.
There is a side table that attracts the attention of those looking for rarities from local publishers. Locally edited or written books are arranged in nine well-proportioned piles. In front of them, on the long central table, the successes of large publishers such as Random House are arranged, where essays confront novels. But there is also a space for the little ones who can browse illustrated books on a three-level bookshelf tailored to their needs.
Just a piece of information for the most demanding, the most philosophical and theoretical essays that are difficult to find elsewhere are kept on the cash desk. Don't forget to review it because, although the layout looks beautiful, they are true gems worthy of conscientious browsing anyway.

Recomendado para:

Adults and students.
Children 2-12 years.
Neighbors of Vitacura.

Horario de atención:

Monday to Friday 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Saturdays 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Sundays closed


Alonso de Córdova 3788, Local 14b. Vitacura, Santiago, Chile.

En vitrina

It chronicles the great dynasties that have shaped our world throughout human history through palace intrigues, love affairs, and family lives.
A rich cast of complex characters form the beating heart of the story. We will see the Medici and the Incas, the Ottomans and the Mughals, the Bonapartes, the Habsburgs and the Zulus, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the Krupps, the Churchills, the Kennedys, the Castros, among others.
These dynasties represent the scale of human ambition, fusing bloody wars of succession, treacherous plots, and sometimes astonishing megalomania with flourishing culture or passionate romances.

Por qué Visitarla

Incredible attention:

Clemente may forget a name, but never a reader. He knows exactly what to recommend to each repeat customer.

Relentless search:

Did you go and not find what you were looking for? Bros is the best spy network to find all the books you can imagine.

Editorial News:

If you are one of those who looks for a book before it goes on the market, this is your place. They know, inside and outside Chile, the editorial news.

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