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Green Book

The natural beauty of a bookstore.

Orrego Luco 051, Providencia.

Sobre el lugar

Open since 2016
Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that bookstores can also be specialized. Accustomed to large chains or discount stores, we forget that there are also places where the catalog is so curated that there is beauty in its internal coherence. This is the case of Libro Verde Librería.
This small bookstore and publishing house located in Orrego Luco has a clientele that ranges from the most layman to the most experienced in discovering the beauty of nature. They have worked directly with publishers, foundations, researchers and illustrators who share a deep affection for flora and fauna. The proposal is a reformulation of Aristotle's first line in Metaphysics: “all men by nature desire to know.” Here everyone who loves to know ends up being amazed and fond of the biodiversity that surrounds us.
Those books that focus on Chile's natural heritage deserve special mention. Beautiful illustrations, inspiring bird and plant recognition guides, markers with endemic animals and maps of Chile showing how lucky we are to live in a long and narrow country like ours...

Sobre el catálogo

In post-pandemic times, I believe that it is not necessary to justify the need for green areas. But it never hurts to justify a catalog of green books. This bookstore and publishing house defines itself as a refuge for sharing experiences and knowledge linked to flora and fauna. This allows them to link without major conflict with great scientists who make detailed popular science guides and authors of illustrated children's books. It could be said that within the small bookstore hides a bibliodiversity of which they are deservedly proud.
The store has a single atmosphere and all its walls display books. The box is located on one side of the window that acts as a display case and all the other shelves are within reach of the curious reader. The decoration is sober and the books are the true protagonists.
Green Book demonstrates with its catalog that science can be beautiful and beauty can also be science. Regardless of the age of the reader, this space offers the possibility of having a little green in the dark city.

Recomendado para:

Adults and students.
Children 2-12 years.
Neighbors of Providencia

Horario de atención:

Monday to Saturday 10:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Sunday closed


Orrego Luco 051, Providencia.

En vitrina

At the end of 1872, four Englishmen landed in the Chilean colony of Punta Arenas. According to what they said, they came to hunt guanacos; others said they were spies or gold diggers. William H. Greenwood was the only one to return to England in 1901 where he wrote his memoirs.
Patagonia Bravía is the first publication in the Travel Diaries collection of Ediciones Libro Verde. The book contains the selection and translation of Greenwood's texts by Gladys Grace Paz and Duncan Campbell, but also has illustrations by Julieta Fernández that brings us even closer to the figure of this Patagonian baqueano.

Por qué Visitarla

Specialized Catalog:

Selection and dissemination of little-known books that, when you see them, you wonder where you had been reading all this time without knowing them.

You will love Chile more:

The catalog is amazing, but there is a very clear line of flora, fauna and native peoples from the north to the south of Chile. Recognizing them will give you the language to properly name this beautiful country.

Strategic location:

The location is surprising, it almost seems like a platform 9 ¾ between the restaurants and the boutique hotel.

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