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A great little bookstore.

Av. Manuel Montt 058, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

Sobre el lugar

It is next to the Nescafé de las Artes, but if you know which bookstore I am talking about, it is very clear that it is the other way around: it is the life of Manuel Montt that has Palmaria as its rotating center. This small bookstore is run by its owner accompanied by her assistant with whom they have managed to position the store on social networks and give it life beyond its store.
What do you feel when you are among Palmaria's books? It is an overwhelming question in the midst of books stacked to the ceiling, soft and tasteful music, while you talk with those who love to serve passersby and talk full of literary references. It is difficult to say what it feels like, I will leave that to those who will surely visit it after reading this review. I promise not to disappoint.
Palmaria is always in force and the three central inns that form the islands of the strangest letters mix what a person left when passing by and what should have always been there. This is a living bookstore, everything is in motion and nothing is lost, this is the only way I can explain how Así, Bros becomes a space for the family. For mothers who want to delight their children with reading; for grandparents who want to have a shared hobby with their grandchildren; for politicians who are passing through and want to find solutions to complex problems in a good novel...

Sobre el catálogo

From and for readers: Palmaria has books on literature, philosophy, sociology, some illustrated and children's things, special edition beauties and, above all, a great variety of national authors. With three big recommendations from your owner, you are reset to discover new authors, what you liked about the old ones, and the amazement of the limits that are being pushed. Foreign (especially Spanish) and national publishers go from side to side from the premises to the reader's hand.
I love that about Palmaria, there is a special affection for national authors of essays, poetry, stories and novels. They have a golden podium in the bookstore because they are read, commented on and recommended if they demonstrate their worth.
Palmaria's catalog is not defined by titles or publishers, rather it is a fine selection that seeks to reach all those who have good taste. Although it may sound like a modern odyssey, Palmaria is committed to those readers who, without being specialists, make reading a refuge. The offering of this bookstore should be understood as small houses so that everyone can find what they have been looking for inside through the hand of an author.

Recomendado para:

Adults and students.
Children 2-12 years.
Neighbors of Vitacura.

Horario de atención:

Monday to Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Sundays closed


Av. Manuel Montt 058, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.

En vitrina

It chronicles the great dynasties that have shaped our world throughout human history through palace intrigues, love affairs, and family lives.
A rich cast of complex characters form the beating heart of the story. We will see the Medici and the Incas, the Ottomans and the Mughals, the Bonapartes, the Habsburgs and the Zulus, the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers and the Krupps, the Churchills, the Kennedys, the Castros, among others.
These dynasties represent the scale of human ambition, fusing bloody wars of succession, treacherous plots, and sometimes astonishing megalomania with flourishing culture or passionate romances.

Por qué Visitarla

From and for readers:

Recommendations come from people who have read and traveled a lot. You are in the hands of professionals with your indecision so stay calm.

Variety of local:

Although it may sound strange, in Chile it is difficult to find national authors. Palmaria is immune to this disease and promotes them to the four winds.


Yes I know, this may be totally relative but it is worth highlighting. If you are one of those who enters quietly and doesn't want to talk, no problem. If you are one of those who want to comment on tastes to be able to choose, go ahead. The attention is tailored and in either of the two modalities you feel good in this great little bookstore.

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