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Teresa Wilms Montt

Writer (1893-1921)

He published most of his work in the late 1910s in Buenos Aires and Madrid. There he frequented intellectual circles and was able to develop his literary work with the freedom that was denied him in Chile.

Teresa's life story is shocking and you can learn about it from Macarena Valdés Dominguez in her illustrated book Soy Teresa Wilms Montt. Big among the small, small before the infinite. A beautiful book that we should all read at least once.

Although the reception of his works has been especially biographical, in the first decades of the 21st century there has been greater interest around his intimate diaries and his poetic work that I invite you to know.



intimate diaries

Narrativa (cuento o novela)

Does not apply.


Collected poetry

Alchemy editions, Santiago de Chile, 2015.

Alchemy editions, Santiago de Chile, 2016.

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